TestGood secret? Bad secret? Story 1

Your friend rolls up the sleeves of her pullover and shows you the fresh injuries. She says that she often cuts herself when she is under pressure because it takes her mind off it. She says that she’s only showing you the injuries because you are her best friend. What should you do?

Good secret? Bad secret?

  • Best friends stick together
  • I would be afraid for my friend and would not want to keep the secret to myself


State clearly that because you are her best friend you feel a responsibility to see that she gets help. If someone harms themself, it’s because of an emotional need. If your friend doesn’t want to talk to her parents, it would be good to go with her to an advice centre and listen what kind of help there is. It’s only by knowing what’s available that you can decide whether to accept help or not.

Begleitung anbieten!

How can I help?What can I do?

If someone needs your help, you can consult with others, get information or offer to accompany. If necessary, act on behalf of the other person!