What is ...Sexual abuse?

sexueller Missbrauch

Sexual abuse is any sexual act performed by an adult on or in front of a child.

This means boys or girls being forced to put up with indecent regards or words, endure French kisses, take their clothes off, allow themselves to be touched, see the abuser naked, touch him or gratify him sexually.

Children require love, warmth, tenderness, protection and security. If an adult sexually abuses a child, he uses the love, trust or dependence to gratify his own needs.

Sometimes the violence is direct and immediately recognisable. Sometimes it is slowly cultivated through compliments, presents or outings. Then the transition from fun to abuse can be so gradual that it’s barely noticed. The offenders often come from the parents’ own family or friends. You can’t tell by looking at someone that he’s a sex offender. Many offenders look quite different to what they are in reality. That makes it all the more difficult to identify them.

Important: Children and juveniles are never responsible for being abused!


What is ...Child abuse?

Child abuse is emotional or physical harm done to children or juveniles by parents, guardians or other persons such as neighbours or relatives.


What is ...Forced marriage?

Forced marriage is when one of the partners does not agree to the marriage and feels like they have been forced into it.