TestIs my family OK? Question 1

Is one parent belittled and insulted by the other?

Answer: No!

It’s good if your parents manage to show respect and consideration for one another. It’s normal for them to argue. When this happens voices are raised and unthinking words are sometimes uttered. If those involved are aware that they are arguing about something and not trying to destroy one another, they can make up after the argument and carry on their lives without fearing for the next argument.

Answer: Yes!

Arguments are sometimes necessary to clear up things. Things can get out of hand, sparks can fly and unkind things can be said that will be regretted later. But if one partner is always being insulted and belittled by the other, this is a form of emotional violence. If you are not sure whether your parents just argue sometimes or whether it’s a question emotional violence, ask an advice centre. They will help you to relativise what you are experiencing.


What is ...Child abuse?

Child abuse is emotional or physical harm done to children or juveniles by parents, guardians or other persons such as neighbours or relatives.


What is ...Forced marriage?

Forced marriage is when one of the partners does not agree to the marriage and feels like they have been forced into it.